Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chase's Guilty Pleasure--Chocolate!

So my son must have developed a taste for chocolate because he can't seem to get enough of Swiss Miss Chocolate ice cream bars. It must be from the constant chocolate craving I had when I was pregnant with him. But please note, I only indulged because I read somewhere that eating chocolate when pregnant gives your baby a cheery disposition! It must be true ;)!

4 thoughts:

Sara said...

He is such a need to bring him over so we can all play!!! Thanks for stopping by the other day, do that again sometime :) see you soon,
Love, Sara

The Bergman's said...

A son like his mother...I seem to remember *someone* that I roomed with at college who LOVED her hot CHOCOLATE! I think this obsession started WAY before the womb. :) He's toooooo cute!!!

The Price's said...

What a cute kid! He looks a little like I do 5 minutes after finding a chocolate fountain at a wedding reception. I seriously could become a wedding crasher just to eat at chocolate fountains. lol!!

Sara said...

Oh man, I wish we could all play more often...dang it!