Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Most Fantastic Sweet Rediscovery

Evan and I went to watch my friends' softball game the other evening, and Evan found his way to some eerily familiar candy Mom had stashed in her bag. RED VINE LICORICE! Familiar because his Momma absolutely craved the stuff towards the end of her pregnancy with him.
I was able to capture the look of sheer bliss in Evan's eyes as the licorice became an almost permanent fixture on his lips. Lily's irresistable charm couldn't even break the love spell Evan and his red vine were in!

2 thoughts:

Lisa said...

He looks pretty dang intense on eating that licorice! Julie, I'm glad you are a Red Vine fan like me- I think Twizzlers are gross!Red Vines are the BEST.

Bippert Family said...

I know it! Twizzlers seem waxy or something. Red Vines Rock.