Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bippert Family Reunion

The Bipperts had their family reunion on the farm (our back yard!) and it sure was hot! Cousins Emma and Jessica help get Evan dressed into something cooler.

Mommy's pale skin almost glowed in the sunlight. If they didn't know any better, all Twilight readers out there in Washington might think she was a vampire! Mommy may not have the best fashion sense, but the big straw hat was too "fun"ctional not to wear at the reunion.
Look Daddy! I'm wearing a dress!

Jon is in a loss for words when he sees his son plodding around in his "dress". Uncle Joey contemplates the idea of trading in his shorts for a "light and airy" jumper of his own.

2 thoughts:

Sara G said...

I love the new background and your straw hat! Evan is such a cutie...when are you coming to visit again???? Love ya!

Lisa said...

Julie- Andrew and I can sympathize. We are both day-glo white! And skin cancer runs in my family, so I am always cautious. You should see me and the boys at the pool- T-shirts, hats, sunblock- sooooo fashionable! Evan looks great, by the way! He is getting to be such a big boy!