Monday, January 12, 2009

Evan and Daddy at the Pool

Evan loves going to the pool with Daddy. He was a little nervous at first (Evan) and wouldn't get in without Mommy. Of course I didn't bring my swimsuit, thinking I would only be taking pictures of the boys. So, Mommy did what she had to do and went for a dip with her clothes on. It was worth it since Evan warmed right up to the idea of BIG tubby time. So much so, that he didn't mind when Mommy got out to take some pictures.

2 thoughts:

Lisa said...

Those are great pictures! Evan is getting soooo big.

Lake Family est. 2006 said...

Yeah! A new picture - Lilly loves to see Evan and Hooray for him he isn't so scared to fly high in the air. We just love our Evan! I wish Jon would have snapped a picture of you jumping clothes and all! Boy, doesn't that bring back memories! We Love you! Have a beautiful day!!!!