Friday, July 17, 2009

Yeah! Mommy has a new camera!

I finally did it. I got a new camera, so no more excuses for not posting pictures. I'm in love with this camera already. I had to capture Evan's new "instrument". He loves to sit right in front of Mommy and "drum" while she dances. My boy is so creative and active, but he gets frustrated easily if he doesn't always get his way...hence the "angry" face!

2 thoughts:

Travis/Rose Johnson said...

I may have to actually get a new camera too... Don started pushing buttons on mine and it is stuck in "processing" mode... won't even shut off. :(... what kind did you get?

Lake Family est. 2006 said...

CONGRADULATIONS!! Now you will have thousands of pictures like us. hehehe! I know you are addicted to it already! So happy for you! Smile nice Evan!! Have a beautiful day guys! We love you!!